Request for Closer Stop

For information about the Distance to a Designated Stop Location Guideline, please refer to SL-003.

As the parent/guardian, I understand that:

  • It is my responsibility to ensure the safety of my children to, at and from bus stops;
  • It is my responsibility to have my young children accompanied to and from bus stops, as necessary;
  • There is no requirement for school boards to provide transportation, including door-to-door service;
  • Student transportation is provided according to board-established policies and guidelines, which include guidelines on what is considered a reasonable distance for students to walk to a bus stop; and
  • Lack of sidewalks, presence of wildlife, and/or the fact that the bus already goes by the pick-up/drop-off location in question are not sufficient grounds by themselves to add or move a bus stop, although these factors may be considered along with other factors affecting transportation services.
I agree to all of the above:


PLEASE NOTE: Pedestrian safety is a shared responsibility between pedestrians and government agencies. Long-term solutions for issues such as road maintenance, the presence of wildlife, or the lack of sidewalks can only be achieved through their efforts. The NPSSTS will gladly support communities in bringing their concerns to the attention of such agencies; for more information on such support, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

In order for the bus stop location to be reviewed, please provide the information requested below. NPSSTS staff will review the location and its effect on the route as a whole, according to safety criteria and board-established guidelines, and determine whether or not to implement any changes.

We endeavor to complete reviews within fifteen (15) working days; in late August and September, this timeline is extended to thirty (30) working days. Written notice of the outcome will be provided as quickly as possible following the review and will be sent by mail or e-mail (please indicate preference below).

Daytime Phone Number:
Alternate Phone Number:
No. of Students:
Preferred Written Notification:
AM Route:
AM Stop Location:
Preferred AM Stop Location (if known):
PM Route:
PM Stop Location:
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Reasoning for Request: